Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: What Is Mobile? NANCY PROCTOR
  2. Mobile Business Models in a 2.0 Economy NANCY PROCTOR
  3. Native or Not? Why a Mobile Web App Might Be Right for Your Museum TED FORBES
  4. Looking Around vs. Looking Down: Incorporating Mobility into Your Experience Design ED RODLEY
  5. Models and Misnomers for Mobile Production PETER SAMIS
  6. Is Augmented Reality the Ultimate Museum App? Some Strategic Considerations MARGRIET SCHAVEMAKER
  7. Mobile Content Strategies for Content Sharing and Long-Term Sustainability ROBERT STEIN
  8. Understanding Adoption of Mobile Technology within Museums KATE HALEY GOLDMAN
  9. Playful Apps JANE BURTON
  10. So Many Devices, So Many Options: An Introduction to Cross-Platform Thinking ALLEGRA BURNETTE
  11. Mobile Experience Design: What’s Your Roll-Out Strategy? KOVEN SMITH
  12. Enhancing Group Tours with the iPad: A Case Study ANN ISAACSON, SHEILA MCGUIRE, SCOTT SAYRE, AND KRIS WETTERLUND
  13. Mobile Product Development Principles COMMUNITY-AUTHORED – add yours here!
  14. Producing Mobile Content ALYSON WEBB
  15. Content for all kinds: Creating content that works for on- and off-site visitors SANDY GOLDBERG
  16. Delightfully Lost: A New Kind of Wayfinding at Kew NATASHA WATERSON AND MIKE SAUNDERS
  17. Marketing The Freedom Tour: A Mobile App Case Study DINA BAILEY, RICHARD COOPER AND JAMIE GLAVIC 
  19. Author Bios

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